More Mills Added

We’ve just recently added a Lagun FTV-2 Mill and Vectrax Mill to our Machinery Stock.

Any questions please contact Willie or Rigo at (714) 441-0750
Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm

Clausing Colchester

We’ve just added a Clausing Colchester Lathe to our Machinery Stock.
If interested please call Willie or Rigo at (714) 441 – 0750

More Machines On Sale.

We are currently working on uploading new information on more machines we have up for sale, they will be up later on today or tomorrow.

Just Added More Machines To Our Stock 5 – 29 – 2014

We have just added a Bridgeport Mill and Two Monarch Lathes to our machinery stock.
they can be found in our machinery stock link under mill and lathes.

If there is any questions regarding any of the machines, please call us at
(714) 441 – 0750

Our company hours are:
8 – 4:30 pm

Coming Soon…

We will be adding Contactors up for sale soon. Info will be posted up once we get the inventory set up here at the shop.
Any questions, please contact Willie or Rigo. Ph: (714) 441 – 0750 or E-mail at

Recondition and Rebuilt Mills Added

We have just recently added a recondition Lagun Mill. Model: 310
Along with it another rebuilt bridgeport mills v/s has been put in to our machinery stock.

Machines Added to Stock

We have recently added a Enco Lathe, Rockwell Bandsaw and a hyrdaulic drill pressed to our machinery stock.

if interested or have any questions please call Willie or Rigo at (714) 441 – 0750 or send an email to

Rebuilt Machines In Stock. 1-8-13

We have just recently added
two Bridgeports (One Step-Head, One V/S) to our machinery stock, Along with a Bench Grinder.
*Information and Photo’s are included*

These can be viewed and our other machines on our Machinery Stock Link.

If you have any questions or if interested please contact Willie or Rigo.

Phone (714) 441-0750

Bridgeport Mills Out of Stock

We have just sold out on our Bridgeport mills. we are in the process of rebuilding a few and will have some back in stock in the nearby future.

11/9/2012 Lagun Mill added to Machinery stock.

We have just added a
Lagun FTV – 1s
*Rebuilt* Mill up into our machinery stock.