About Us & Services

We are an experience group dedicated to rebuilding and repairing most conventional mills, lathes and grinders. Our technicians have been working in these fields for over 30 years. Below you can find type’s of works that we do.

CNC Mill Machinery Repairs: Turcite replacement, Trust Bearings, Oil Systems, Machine Leveling, etc….

Ball Screw Re-balling: Mills and Lathes

Specialized Scraping on Mills and Lathes (Lagun, Brideport, Hardinge, Moriseiki) *Below you is a link of some of our scraping work being done to Mill knee*


We Work On Most Conventional Mills and Lathes Such As:

Acra, Bridgeport, Chevalier, Clauising, Kent, Lagun, Sharp, Supermax, Webb, Etc…

Acra, Clausing, Lagun, LeBlond, Monarch, Republic, Turnmaster, Lathes, etc…

Grinders: Most Conventional Grinders
Custom-Made Acme Screws


Installations And Sales:

We Install And Sale D.R.O.’s, Power Feed’s, And Power Drawbars


Machinery Sales( Used and Rebuilt)

We offer a selections of used machinery such as Conventional Mills. We have used machinery that is rebuilt from the ground up. We put all new interior parts such as belts, gear hubs, bearings, bushings, keys, New oil systems, and new X and Y screws. These machines are available for sale upon request.

(Complete Rebuilt For Conventional Mills Such As Laguns, Bridgeports, Hardinge, Moriseiki’s)

We do accept Trade in’s for credit on mill purchases.

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