2. About Us

30 Years of Working on Machines.

From humble beginnings in Los Angeles in the late 70’s, to working for well-known machine manufacturers for decades. G & R Machinery was founded in the late 90’s, taking deep experience and knowledge of conventional machinery and repairs, and extending out towards establishing ourselves as a high-quality bespoke repair services and sales company for milling machines, lathes, and every machine in between.

Throughout our history, our primary goal has always remained the same: solve unconventional mechanical problems for industrial machinery, and making customers happy along the way. The second goal is to occasionally sell some of the best fully repaired (and in frequent occasions completely rebuilt) conventional machines that we know will keep them happy for years to come.

Manual milling machines, lathes, and even some CNC machines.
We dedicate most of our time to fixing almost any make and model conventional machine.

Mills and Lathes: Repairs and Rebuilding

From Republic Lagun, Bridgeport, to Fanuc. From changing pulleys to installing turcite; We’ve just about fixed all mechanical woes. We focus mainly on conventional machinery.

Installations: DROs, Power Feeds, and more

We work with all of the latest brands and offer high quality installations throughout Southern California.