Frejoth. Almost like a Bridgeport J-Head. Almost.
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Frejoth. Almost like a Bridgeport J-Head. Almost.

A curious machine from Taiwan, this interesting Vertical Milling Machine hearkens to the body style and layout as that of a Bridgeport J-Head type Mill. We’ve just recently received this machine, and we are surprised to see that this machine actually runs quite well and didn’t actually see much action, so it remains in incredible working condition.

So well, in fact, we were quite pleased with this little gem and how it felt and ran, that although it might be a milling machine clone of sorts, it can still dole it out far more. As mentioned, given the semi-light use of this machine and under closer inspection, we actually see that the chromed ways on the Y-Axis are actually still clearly visible with not a whole lot of evidence of wear and tear. You can also see the fine flaking patterns on the ways.

Actual shot of y-axis (knee). Chromed Ways are in great condition.

For anyone that may not entirely understand the utility of chromed ways (and flaked ways, for that matter), the idea here is that these provide longevity out of your machine’s daily use and overall lifespan of the X, Y, and Z axis ways. This allows you to get far more out of every axis with chromed ways for most any realistic machining application you have in mind.

For any individual or company that is interested in cost savings but still getting the most out of a smaller investment in milling machine solutions, this vertical milling machine will likely do the trick. Over the next few days, we will be working to perform proper refurbishing and then list it on our main website. Be on the look out.